Tarnya, a personal development coach, author, and speaker. She seeks to inspire, motivate, and create awareness to reach your full potential. Tarnya loves to see people dream big, and that’s what she does to help her clients achieve. Having been mentored by the world’s #1 motivational speaker, Les Brown, She strives to make a greater impact. Tarnya was one of the 20 speakers who spoke at the Power Voice Summit. Now available to watch on Les Brown’s Facebook page. Need a speaker?

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Tarnya seeks to inspire, motivate, empower and create awareness to reach your full potential. She loves inspiring others to dream big.

Tarnya loves reading, sleeping and playing Scrabble… Yes Scrabble. Her favourite word is floccinaucinihilipilification.

In her spare time she likes to blog as it gives her an outlet for her thoughts and ideas. Also she enjoys sharing her knowledge to others and present helpful information.

She is a firm believer in encouraging clients to be the best version of themselves so they can become everything they set out to be.

Her desire is to help clients to understand the keys to living a pleasant and fulfilled life. Also exhibiting how they can make those small changes so they can have a better quality of life.

Tarnya says that it is important to believe in yourself because that is where it all starts.

i believe, i can!

Tarnya Coley is the best selling author of OPEN DOORS. Her NEW book, The Simple Way To Get Motivated- out NOW!

Let’s also discuss your speaker needs- I will help you spark life into your employees, conference attendees, and your community groups.

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