Be a game changer

I HAVE CHANGED THE GAME. Stand firm and believe that 2019 is the year where the impossible is possibleStand with conviction and know that everything will work out?Take action to make those dreams become a reality.No one said it will be smooth sailing.With the right support and guidance, you CAN do it. Your mindset needs shifting.No more of that negative thinking. Life starts changing in the direction that you was not expecting.Unexpected life events.Things are not going as planned.I thought this was the year where I changed the game and I was going to achieve my goals.  

The negative voices are screaming loudly.Self-doubt kicks in.Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.Why did I think I could do this.Your thoughts are spiraling out of control. 

 STOP, FOCUS, and ADJUSTNo more self-sabotage.No more thinking like a worrier.I HAVE changed the game.I CAN do this.I must stay focused and alert.I have to remain sharp and keep my eyes on the prize.

 Tips on staying focused:

  • Have a to-do list
  • Break down your activities into smaller tasks
  • Be around like-minded people
  • Serve others
  • Remove distractions

When you feel that you are going off track.

Remember YOU have made a CHOICE to change the game.  Thank you for stopping by.Tarnya Coley- Author of Open Doors.

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