What are you planting?

What are you planting?

What are you planting?

Purpose & peace?





What are you planting with? Who are your companions?

Good companions to grow alongside are people that will offer time and advice. Support you with decision making. Also, just simply being there. Make sure you do your part and help others when they are in need. Putting in a little time and effort will pay off in the long run.

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Are you the caretaker? Who are you taking care of?

-Other people

-Family/ friends


Are you also taking care of YOU?


How are you taking care of what you have planted and your companions?

-Quality time with loved ones

-Being a listening ear

-Being there when they need it

-Laughing together


Are you the are gardener? Or have you let others plant for you? As they don’t understand your vision and purpose, the garden has now over-grown and has become messy. There is chaos and disorder. The ground may eventually become hard.

What you originally planted is not bearing fruit. You have now become dull and ineffective. However, dead things can be resurrected.

Take Action

-Do not let others trespass onto your garden

-You are entitled to prune or remove anything that encroaches onto your side of the boundary.

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Tips for seed sowing success

-Moisture the surface of the compost

-Make sure the seeds that you are planting is dug down deep enough as this will help them stay in one place

-Sprinkle the seeds evenly as this will create balance

-Water the seed, this is a vital element. Too much water and your seeds will drown or rot. Too little and they will either fail to germinate or die once they do.

-Ensure the environment in which you plant is tenderly cared for. It would be no good if the environment is toxic and it becomes a dumping ground. This is highly dangerous. This comes with a warning sign. Having a toxic environment is capable of causing death or serious debilitation.

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Give your seed the right amount of heat, light and moisture, and they will germinate successfully.

What you plant now will harvest later… if you don’t give up.

What are you planting? Feel free to leave a comment. I look forward to reading what you are planting.

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Tarnya- Personal development coach


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