Go to another level

Go to another level

Don’t settle for where you are. Go to next level. You’ve got to go deeper to get to where you want to go; if you want to reach your goals. Being in a place of mediocre isn’t you anymore. It doesn’t satisfy you. There is a hunger for you to change the game and not stay the same. You want to grow and experience new things. Be like Rocky Balboa, he struggled and worked hard. He had difficulties in his daily life that he struggles he had. From a ‘nobody’, he becomes a ‘somebody’. It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.

Some requirements for you to go to the next level:


Are you willing to stay the course? Sticking at it despite the opposition. Start cooperating with yourself.  Make a commitment to your commitments. You will begin to see positive results.

I CAN attitude

Yes, it’s hard, but I CAN. Have that determined attitude of no matter what, I WILL do it. Grow through the challenges of life not groan through it. Purpose in your mind that you will do whatever is required to reach your goals.


Focus on what YOU need to do. Don’t get distracted by the noise. When you focus you begin to pay particular attention to what is that you want. Focus on the outcome not the obstacle.

Be prepared to FAIL

Yes, we get knocked down at times. But the key is to keep getting up, as the saying goes winners never quit and quitters never win. Lessons are learned when we fail. There is no shame. The only shame is not giving things your best shot.


You’ve joined the school of hard knocks. It’s painful, but it’s necessary. To reach your goals it requires hard work. Move from where you are. Commit, be determined, focus, prepare to fail AND get up. Are you daring enough to come up to another level? 

What are you doing to go to another level? Leave a comment.

Plan it. See it. Anticipate it.
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