Hi, I’m Tarnya

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Hi, I’m Tarnya!

Overworked, burnt out and deeply dissatisfied. That was me after 15 years of working as a successful lecturer in Health and Social Care. I was at the height of my career but also intensely unhappy and yearned for something more. So, in 2018 I decided to regain control of my life and live out my purpose on my terms. I wrote my best-selling book ‘Open Doors’ in six weeks, handed in my resignation and started my journey as a publisher, author and speaker

Empathetic Coaching

Every word of frustration uttered by my clients powerfully resonates with me because I have been there before. I know what it feels like to be busy but unfulfilled. I know what it is to have your confidence shattered and to feel like your goals are a million lightyears away. As a child born to a teenage single mother, I know what it feels like to have the odds stacked against you, with everybody waiting to confirm their prophecies about your failure.

When you work with me, we will do the hard but rewarding work of mastering your mindset, simplifying your goals and getting you unstuck so you can live the life you deserve. I will put practical tools in your hands to help you achieve your goals – be it starting a business or running a marathon!

Accountability and Support

Whatever stage you are on your journey – contemplating change or ready for change – I will help you build and maintain momentum so your progress is long-lived. Think about it as having a personal cheerleader in the stands, making the loudest noise and cheering you on as you dare to do the impossible and win in life. That’s what I bring to the table – honest, persistent and authentic support.

I’ve had the privilege to be trained by world renowned coach and motivator speaker, Les Brown and I can tell you with all certainty, coaching is the bridge to your dreams coming true.

When I’m not helping people achieve their goals, I enjoy reading, taking naps and playing scrabble. My favourite word is ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ – yes, it’s a real word! Just ask Google!

Enough about me, let’s get to work and get you that life you deserve!