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The 1:1 coaching is for six months. This includes, one-hour coaching session, accountability and support calls during the week. Discounts on TC Coaching masterclasses. Challenges, coaching videos and worksheets. You are also added to a private facebook group.
My fees are £333 per session. We can set up a payment plan
My clients pay by Paypalor by bank transfer. Some business clients pay via their company invoicing system
Once you sign up. You are added to a Private facebookgroup. Monthly coaching via zoom. Monday motivation videos. Accountability and community support.
Yes, there is a minimum of three months commitment. If you feel that you have received what you needed from the VIP community. You will need to send an email accordingly. Then your subscription will be cancelled. You can re-join us as at anytime
My Masterclasses are run three times throughout the year. As a member you will receive special rates.

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