TC Publishing is a one-stop publishing shop. We take care of all your publishing needs. We do the work so that you don’t have to. We specialise in self-help books. We are passionate about publishing stories that will impact the lives of others. Our stories are not for us, they are a guide for others to follow. We work closely with our authors to make sure that their story is clearly communicated. Inspiring books, inspire lives.

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I remember when I wrote my first book Open Doors in 2018 in six short weeks. It became a number one bestseller on Amazon. I came up with a powerful strategy, Plan it. See it. Anticipate it. This strategy is a game-changer. It allows to to have a crystal-clear plan of what you are writing. Level up your mindset. And arms you with tools you need to get your book written.

Tarnya is the director of TC Publishing. She helps first-time from all over the globe find their voices and put their stories down on paper so they can be shared far and wide and impact the lives of others. As well as publishing other people’s stories, Tarnya has self-published three of her own and has four publications on Amazon. Her latest bestselling book, Plan it. See it. Anticipate, is endorsed by the world-renown motivational speaker Les Brown. Tarnya received a SIMA global award for the most influential woman in 2021, is a regular contributor to Wythenshawe radio, and speaks on podcasts worldwide. She also hosts webinars on writing books, setting goals and overcoming obstacles.

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