Open Doors book

Open Doors is a motivational true story. Have you ever felt that you are stuck on pause and life is still going on around you? Do you feel that your situation will never change, and there is no way out? You want to change your circumstances and chase those dreams you have always had? Tarnya tells how life has its challenges and heartaches. It also has its WOW moments too. She shares her valley encounters and her mountaintop experiences. She also provides wisdom on how to live a motivated life. Your life, your journey, remember you are in control.


Open Doors is a motivational true story about my life. I write about the highs and lows I have experience. But most importantly I encourage that despite the challenges you can overcome.

Chapter 12 is a bonus chapter, ‘Motivational Keys’. This gives the reader some tips on how to keep motivated.

Check out the reviews on Amazon. This is what some readers have said:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this interesting and inspirational book. I loved how the writer overcame the obstacle in her life and they way she writes a realistic and honest assessment of herself and the circumstances she faces. Can’t wait for the next book!!- RW

The author takes you on a journey into her world and provides you with fundamental learning. There are life lessons and its explained from her experiences how we can overcome situations that were meant to break us.
I applaud her tenacity, her drive, her unending zealous to help others. I have had the privilege to meet the author and reading her book was icing on an already delicious cake.😀 My daughter fell in love with the book also. The steps to assist with life is both priceless and very detailed. I love the support network of her family, especially her husband.
Thank you very much Tarnya for the opportunity to read a very awesome book.- Aliesha