Reflect, Reboot, and Recharge 

Life has its phases. There have been times that we would consider our best and those that we often call ‘trying times.’  

Recent happenings in the world have led to several changes. There has been massive economic hardship, schools shutting down, people losing their jobs, stores getting closed, and several others. 

As bad as they may seem, all these occurrences present everyone with a chance to do some sort of self-check or self-assessment. This might be a perfect time to reflect, reboot and recharge! 

It’s time to figure out what has been happening in your personal life, work or business and find out what you need to have a fulfilled life.  

Life is all about living beyond challenging times. It is best to learn how to take charge and take control of your life. Some self-care procedures will go a long way in helping you get through tough periods and making the right decision.  

What does it mean to reflect? How can I reboot and get ready for the next life phase? Can I really regain my balance and make a greater impact? Let’s get some answers to these questions! 


Just like watching leaves fall off the tree during the harsh winter weather. The tree does this to conserve water and survive the season.  

Reflecting on your life gives you the ability to know what you need to let go of and what you need to hold on to and improve on.  

As you live through your days in this period of constant changes, it is best to think deeply and carefully about how your life has been so far. Examine certain things that you would consider as hanging on to negativity or detrimental habits.  

Try to identify certain life limitations or hindrances in your life. Show yourself an image of your past experience and encounters and seek resolutions. 

Reflecting is more like a self-assessment or self-check. The essence of reflecting is to bring credit or discredit to the relevances and irrelevances that you may have in your life.  

Reflection hands you the opportunity to work towards a bright future and a better version of yourself. It gives you a focus, lets you know what you already have and what is missing. 

Survival is more important than extinction.  Imagine how your life will turn out when you do away with all that is of no benefit to your life. Everything will work out well.  

Without careful and deep thinking about your encounters over the year, it may be difficult to move to the next stage.  


Rebooting means starting anew, all over again, after you must have noticed errors or mistakes in your previous encounters.  

This begins with you incorporating a positive change into your life. You reboot purposely to get positive results. You have to be willing to revitalise your current life situations, seek a balance in your life, and make a change of position.  

According to Marcel Proust, a French writer, and a critic, he said that sometimes a voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes. This significantly points out the need to see and do things in a distinctively dynamic way.  

There may be no need to seek a new ground or a change of environment before starting all over again. All you need is to start all over with a new view, a positive mindset, and a more sharpened intuition.  


It has to do with returning to a better state of mind after a period of exertion (reboot). Take a step back from all the busy pace and constant anxiety. 

Take a break, rest and regain your balance, gain your energy. Do more of what will recharge your energy. Have fun, meet new people, do a lot of fun things. 

Engage in amusing things, things that you find rewarding. Try new productive things and meet new people that may impact your life.  

Implement self-care into your life. The more you have in your cup, the more you have to give. That is, don’t grow to be such a sober person that keeps growing cold on people around you. But instead, be full of life and share happiness.  

Make an impact, touch lives. Be filled with positive thoughts and energy. Have the zeal to make great things happen!

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