Renewed mindset & motivation

During Lockdown I have had plenty of time to reflect, refocus and reset.  Let us press the reset button and reprogram our mindsets.

Research conducted April 2020 suggested,

Poor sleep and increased risk of exhaustion are also on the rise with the majority of the 500 respondents (64%) reporting a lack of sleep due to worries with a similar increase in symptoms of fatigue. Some 48% also admitted to working long and irregular hours.

Mental health was also found to be suffering, with half saying they were unhappy with their current work-life balance. A third admitted to frequently feeling isolated, while a fifth are worried about job security.

Our mindset matters, we need to feed our minds with the correct fuel.

A positive mindset means that you have a positive expectation that things will turn out well and that you will succeed. It gives you more courage to try and persist to make changes than if you have a negative mindset. Making positive changes in the way we think is necessary for our health and well-being. It also makes us more productive and focused.

Benefits of a positive mindset

What we feed our minds, that becomes our mindset

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