Joy Twum-Danso
Joy Twum-DansoIndependent Reviewing Officer
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Thanks Tarnya for facilitating two inspiring and engaging workshops in building resilience and creating a vision board. It has empowered me to make the shift to achieving my dreams and goals.
Marcella TurnerCEO
Marcella TurnerCEOCAN Survive UK
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WOW Tarnya great read! This is your year. I can’t wait for the launch.
Lisa Bygrave
Lisa BygraveCEO Horizon
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Yes I will come on a journey with you. Love it. Getting excited already- Symone MacKenzie- Primary School Teacher. Reading the preview has brought tears of sorrow and tears of laughter whilst reading it. Brilliant, thorough and enjoyable. This workshop is recommended.
Alison Done
Alison DoneStudent at UCEN
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Inspirational and motivational. It has motivated me to continue with my studies.
KarenUCEN Lecturer
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Fab read.
UsmanStudent at The Manchester College
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AMAZING! I now believe that I CAN do it.
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Brilliant, motivational and inspirational. As a result of today’s workshop, I have decided to start my transformation today.
JennySocial Worker
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Amazing. I was challenged to think about myself and my future. You should sign up to the workshop.
AnnaStudent at The Manchester College
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Great thing. Highly recommended! The Personal Development course has completely changed the way I am looking at myself and my life.